Contemporary Picture Lights
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Hogarth at Weston Park Manor House.
"Classical elegance and exquisite contemporary design"


The Contemporary picture light can be cut to any length which enables us to illuminate any size of art work.

Hogarths Contemporary light for paintings and interiors is a stylish, elegant, new concept light featuring innovative modular design and incorporating Hogarths L.E.D. technology.

The bulbs emit zero heat and U.V. (ultra violet) so our picture lights are totally safe for illuminating fine art.

Contemporary picture light over a painting at Ironmongers Halls, London
A 'new era' in lighting fine art incorporating Hogarth's L.E.D. Technology

This unique system enables picture lights to be constructed to any length to suit paintings of any size and style.

At 7 volts the system has no wiring, bulbs simply slide into position and can be added with ease.

As the arms are very fine we can make them to suit any situation, low ceiling heights, beams etc. Let us know your requirements. Contact us for a quote.

A photo from a client. Our brief was to keep the arm protrusion as short as possible. We designed the picture light to do this and the illumination is very good over the entire piece.
Contemporary is only 3/4 inch thick x 1 3/4 inch deep and can be made to ANY length

Available in a number of finishes or in any colour you require, just let us know your desired colour and we will match it.

Like our Contemporary picture light, the Classic picture light has patented features enabling the illumination to be adjusted to fit the canvas.

The picture light can also be used with our ‘Invisible Wire’ system, meaning no need to channel walls, simply stick the wire to the wall and decorate over.

The picture light slides into a bracket which can be fitted to the frame or wall. This allows the picture light to be easily removed.

Our Contemporary picture light at The Savoy Hotel, London. See more on this installation

Hogarth has supplied picture lights to the Ironmongers Hall, Barbican, London. The paintings above were over 5 feet wide. Our Contemporary picture light was finished to a similar colour as the panelling and custom made to suit the painting width, with arm protrusions to ensure the illumination fully covered the canvas


How to install and hang our picture lights. For more information see Technical Cut Sheets.

Our lights come ready for use from the box and are easy to install.

The hood is very thin and light in weight, only 4.6cm (1 3/4 inches) wide and 1.8cm (3/4 inches) high.


These images show the back of painting with picture light fitted.

Close up of the brass bracket and easy to use push-on connector, shows 2 screws to hold the bracket to the frame. 3 grub screws (on top) allow the light to rotate up and and down. The bracket will easily fix to the picture frame or wall, screws supplied.

Image three shows a very small switch which we can supply to fit anywhere on the back of the frame, which comes with a pull cord making It easy to operate the picture light by a finger tip. (always fitted on the rechargeable battery option).

The switch is only 10mm thick X 15mm wide X 25mm tall



Our standard range of finishes. Samples are available on request. We can also match any colour you desire.


Antique Bronze


Aged Gilt