Sign, Lectern and Bookcase Lights

Sign Lights

We can make our picture lights to suit any situation making them ideal for Signs, Bookcases and Lecterns.

We can make any length and protrusion, as well as front and concealed fixings to suit your design.

The light above was made for a Plexi Glass sign, using our Contemporary picture light.

The above drawing was part of the design for the Sign light to illuminate and attach through a Plexi Glass panel. Due to urgency the light was designed and made in one day. The holes holding the light were drilled on arrival.

Bookcase Lights

Lighting design for bookcase and shelves using our classic picture light with hidden arms. Drawing above was for an installation of a large Bookcase.

Drawing above was for an installation for a large Bookcase.

Ceiling Lights

Drawing above shows how our lights can be attached to a ceiling or recess.